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Getting Married? Here’s 6 things to consider about your Bridal Make-up!

Getting Married? Here’s 6 things to consider about your Bridal Make-up!

First off, congratulations! You’re getting married!

As you probably have already discovered, organizing a wedding is very stressful business. The venue, the dress, the invitations, the colour scheme, the table decorations, catering, the photographer. The list goes on. But one thing I urge you not to overlook is your wedding day make-up. The make-up you wear on your wedding day will be in those wedding photos for the rest of your life! So here are my top tips for beautiful bridal make-up!


  1. Have a trial with your Make-up Artist. 

It is incredibly important to have a trial run of your bridal make-up look with your MUA a minimum of five weeks before your wedding. This is a consultation and a run through of your make-up look. Your Artist will ask you about the looks you like and the type of style you want to go for, they will also give you advice on what would look best on you. Having a successful trial will give you confidence and peace of mind in your final make-up look for your big day. If you choose not to have a trial, your make-up might not come out the exact way you expected on the day!

*Tip – Show your MUA pictures of certain looks you like and explain what parts of the make-up in particular you like, this will help your MUA determine exactly what it is you are wanting*

2. Take your Make-up Artist’s advice.

Pro MUA’s can tell you what would suit you and look best on you for your wedding day. Everyone’s face shape is different and there are certain make-up looks and styles that don’t go well with certain face/eye shapes. If your MUA points out that a certain style, for example winged eyeliner wouldn’t suit your eye shape, don’t take it to heart, they are just trying to make you look your most confident and beautiful self!

There is also a lot for your Artist to consider like flash photography, lighting, colour balance etc.


3. In this case, less IS more.

Usually I hate it whenever someone tells me “less is more” when I’m wearing a full blown out purple smokey eye that I spent a good half an hour on, but in the case of wedding make-up, naturally enhancing your features without a lot of make-up is the best way to go. If you are someone who doesn’t usually wear a lot of make-up then your wedding is not the time to start. You want to look like yourself on your wedding day.  You can still look gorgeous and glamorous without a lot of make-up, plus, a naturally glamorous blushing bride is a timeless look!


4. Try to stay away from trends

That amazing cut crease with lashings of glitter and huge fake eyelashes that you saw on your friend on that night out may look great today, but it may look odd and dated in twenty years time. It’s best to stay away from come and go trends and stick with timeless classic looks that will look gorgeous in your wedding photos for years to come!


5. Have a good skincare routine.

Looking after your skin is so important in order for make-up to look good. Make sure you get into a good skincare routine for at least six months before the wedding, this gives your skin enough time to reap the benefits and for you to see the difference! Moisturize once in the morning and once at night and make sure you are gently exfoliating regularly!

*Tip – Go to see a dermatologist who will be able to give you a proper insight into what it is your skin needs and what products would work for you. Invest in some good quality products*


6. Allow time for your make-up

Make sure you allow enough time in the morning/afternoon for your make-up (and bridesmaids) to be completed in plenty time of your ceremony. You don’t want to be rushing around last minute!


These are the main things I think every bride-to-be should consider about their bridal make-up. There’s a lot more that goes into tailored make-up looks than meets the eye!


Lastly, enjoy your big day and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!


Megan Rose MUA


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